Horse Boarding Agreement

    This is an agreement for the agistment made on the *

    Odyssean Pty Ltd – ABN: 9714 760 2435
    of 113 Quorrobolong Rd, Cessnock NSW 2325 ("the agistor")
    and the horse trainer/owner ("the owner") whose particulars are:

    Emergency Contact Details

    Please provide details of any Medical History or Medication. This is to remain confidential and will only be provided to Medical or Emergency Services in the case of accident/injury;

    Terms and Conditions

    Whereby the agistor agrees to agist the owner’s horse or horses identified below (“the horse”) at the Agistment property at 113 Quorrobolong Rd, Cessnock NSW 2325 commencing from the date of this Agreement on the conditions set out herewith:
    1. The owner/ trainer agrees to pay all agistment and other charges, which will be rendered and payable WEEKLY in advance unless otherwise agreed.
    Interest at 5% per month is payable on accounts overdue 30 days.
    2. The horse is at the owner’s risk at all times. It is the owner’s responsibility to insure the horse and any progeny against all risks while they are at the Agistment property or being transported to and from the property. The Agistor shall not be responsible for any disease, accident, illness or injury howsoever caused from or arising to the horse at the property or whilst transporting to or from the Agistment property.
    3. It is the owner’s or person entering into this agreement’s responsibility to obtain adequate insurance at their own costs for the horse/s including coverage for any other people riding their horse/s against all risks of accident and injury as well as theft while they are on the property.
    4. The owner agrees to sign the release and waiver of liability form and will have all others that may ride their horse on the property sign the release and waiver of liability. A copy of each waiver must be given to Odyssean Pty Ltd prior to others riding on the owner’s horse/s.
    5. The owner must notify the agistor immediately the owner becomes aware that the horse suffers or has been in contact with any significant or notifiable sickness, disease or injury.
    6. Veterinary services for the horse and /or progeny may be provided at the discretion of the Agistor in consultation with the Agistor’s veterinarian. The Owner will pay all veterinary charges and other charges incurred while the horse is at the agistment property and irrevocably indemnifies the agistor for these charges.
    7 The owner gives the agistor a lien over the horse and progeny for payment of the agistment fees and all other charges and expenses which the owner must pay under this agreement. This means the owner may not remove the horse or its progeny from the property while any part of this agreement is NOT fulfilled by the owner.
    8. The agistor may sell the horse and/or its progeny at public auction or by private sale to recover any monies unpaid for 60 days after the agistor has sent the tax invoice or account for payment.
    9. The owner irrevocably appoints the agistor as the owner’s attorney with power to sell the horse and/or its progeny and to sign all transfers and other documents and do everything necessary to effect and complete the sale and to receive the purchase price and credit it towards the costs of sale and all monies owing.
    10. The owner agrees to organise for the removal of a horse should it cease living whilst on the property or alternatively pay the agistor to dispose of the horse with all costs being met by the owner.
    Code of Practice - Operating Standards
    Odyssean Pty Ltd has adopted and operates under the NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No. 3 - Horses in Riding Centres and Boarding Stables.
    A copy of these Standards are included with our Operating Manual and are displayed within our Visitors Book for reference. This can also be accessed via the NSW Department of Primary Industries.
    While this code isn't a complete manual on animal husbandry, it clearly articulates Odyssean Pty Ltd’s expectation for horse care on the Property. We also comply with any other relevant laws including local government and National Parks and Wildlife.

    Horse Particulars and Agistments Requirements

    Agistment Care

    Self Care Agistment*

    Self-care agistee’s costs are for the use of stables and agreed turn out area/s.
    Self-care agistee’s are responsible for all aspects of the horses care at all times at their own expense

    * Self Care Agistees are provided with use of stall and paddock area only.

    - Horse/s are required to be fed both morning and evening within our operating hours of 6.00am to 8.00pm by the agistee.

    - Agistee's to turn out stabled horses into day yards at least once daily.

    - Stalls, paddocks and yards are to be cleaned daily.

    - Clean drinking water is to be made available at all times to horses by the agistee's.

    - Agistee's to maintain a 6-8 weekly worming program for horse/s.

    - Sawdust must be fully removed and replaced every 4 weeks at the agistee/s cost. Stall flooring must be disinfected at the same time using a solution of bleach and water.

    - Changes to rugs by the agistee is enforced with changes to weather and temperature.

    Failure to comply with these self-care responsibilities will result in the immediate termination of your agistment.


    All invoices will be sent via email (unless otherwise arranged) and payment is due 1 week in advance.

    Fees can be paid by DIRECT DEPOSIT

    Account Name: Odyssean Pty Ltd
    ANZ BSB: 012 877
    ANZ Account: 470 3 21 546

    Please ensure that the date you have selected above is the date that you wish to commence this contract and billing period.

    Current Health Information

    Please have either your vaccination certificate or letter from your vet providing vaccination is current.

    All horse entering the property must be vaccinated against strangles/tetanus and remain in a 14-day quarantine yard.

    My horse is currently up to date (provide evidence)My horse has not been vaccinated in the last 12 months and will require the course of 3 shots

    Please provide details on where your horse/s have arrived from - i.e previous property and transporter;

    Please list any other instructions, questions or comments you would like to make;