Code of Conduct and Regulations


    All participants are required to agree to be bound by the provisions contained in this document, Code of Conduct and Regulations.
    The information contained in this document may be altered or added to and any alterations will be advised to participants.
    Participants shall mean any person or persons who lawfully enters the premises at 113 Quorrobolong Road, Cessnock being the business address of Odyssean Pty Ltd who has entered into an Agistment
    Agreement with Odyssean Pty Ltd (with the consent of Odyssean Pty Ltd) and shall include their invites and guests.

    Bringing your horse to Odyssean Equine Centre
    No horse will be allowed onto Odyssean Pty Ltd until all of the following forms have been completed and provided:
    (a) horse health declaration form;
    (b) current vaccination certificate for tetanus and/or strangles;
    (c) application form;
    (d) signed acceptance of the code of conduct;
    (e) signed release and waiver of liability;
    (f) signed agistment agreement; and
    (g) any other form or item as required.

    Completion of the above items will be subject to approval and agistment places being available.

    Participants must accompany their visitors at all times and are responsible for their actions and behaviour.
    Participants are to ensure that their guest comply with the Code of Conduct and Regulations.
    Any guest intending to ride the participant’s horse must sign a Code of Conduct and Regulations, Waiver and release of liability and provide proof relevant insurances through a certificate of currency.

    Supervision of Children
    Children under the age of 18 are to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. The accompanying adult is responsible for ensuring children comply with the Code of
    Conduct and Regulations.


    Participants and their guests must not engage in any disruptive behaviour or excessive noise at Odyssean. The Centre Manager reserves the right to remove participants and/or their guests from Odyssean Pty Ltd

    Alcohol and Prohibited Drugs
    Alcohol and drugs are not permitted to be consumed in horse areas. If consumed prior to entry the participant is not permitted to ride. Any unacceptable behaviour caused
    by the effects of alcohol will lead to the removal of the participant from Odyssean Pty Ltd

    No domestic pets
    No domestic or exotic animals excluding horses or pony are permitted to be bought onto the property

    Vehicle Access
    Participants and their guests are to observe the following rules:
    • Maximum speed limit in all areas is 10km/h
    • Give way to horses at all times
    • Park only in designated areas

    Dangerous Recreational Activity Warning
    Horse riding is a dangerous recreational activity; people undertaking horse related activities have a higher risk of serious injury or death.

    Horses are animals and all animals can act in an unpredictable way. The participant acknowledges that participation is at the rider’s own risk.

    Rider Safety
    All participants are to wear appropriate attire and footwear at all times for handling and/or riding their horse.

    All participants must wear a properly AS/NZS 3838, EN1384 or ASTM F1163 helmet; and are less than 5 years old from the date of manufacture, with chinstrap correctly fitted when riding for their own safety. Helmets that have had significant impacts or are not structurally sound must not be used. Participants are to maintain and ensure their
    riding equipment is in good order. Random checks may be carried out to ensure compliance with the above.

    All participants are to check each horse under their care at least monthly to make sure it is not injured or ill.

    General Horse Care

    Feet : Should be trimmed by a farrier every 6-8 weeks. Shoes required if horse is being ridden on rough or rocky ground. The Centre Manager reserves the right to call a farrier, If upon inspection farrier services are required. The Owner will pay for any fees incurred.

    Teeth : Must be checked by a horse dentist and filed if necessary every 12 months. Horses under 5 years of age or being fed grain regularly should be checked every 3-6 months.

    Body Condition : Stabled horses must be fed twice daily, in sufficient quantities according to their size and workload to maintain the horse’s health and vitality. Avoid allowing your horse to get too fat or too thin.

    Veterinary Treatment

    The Agistee must notify the Centre Manager immediately if they become aware that the horse suffers or has been in contact with any significant or notifiable sickness, disease or injury. This can include but are not limited to any of the following;
    • lameness;
    • abdominal pain/colic;
    • collapse or loss of balance;
    • muscle pain;
    • difficulty breathing/choking;
    • diarrhoea;
    • fever;
    • pain or swelling in any body parts;
    • poisoning;
    • blood in the urine;
    • superficial injuries and wounds;
    • coughing;
    • nasal discharge;
    • poor appetite or reduced appetite; or
    • anything else out of the ordinary


    No Cruelty to Horses
    Participants must not act in an inhumane manner towards any horse. This includes but is not limited to:
    • excessive whipping or beating;
    • excessive use of spurs;
    • the riding of an exhausted, lame or injured horse;
    • excessively exercising of a horse; or
    • use of ill-fitting or broken tack or equipment which causes pain.

    Emergency Evacuation
    In the event of an emergency evacuation, all participants are responsible for the evacuation of their own horse to a safe place whether on Odyssean or an alternative location. Bush fire evacuation of horses from Odyssean if time allows should be prior to the fire arrival. Remove all fly veil and synthetic rugs on total fire ban days.

    Participants at Odyssean have use of all facilities provided.

    Use of tack and feed areas
    All participants using the tack and feed areas provided are to ensure that;
    • they are kept clean and tidy at all times;
    • Manure is to be placed in Manure Collection Point with tools provided in Tie Up Sheds.

    It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure their horse and horse gear/equipment against theft or damage. Odyssean does not accept responsibility or are liable for any theft or damage of participant’s items at Odyssean. Tack and feed areas is to be used at the participant’s own risk.


    Riding Etiquette and Safety
    The below riding etiquette and safety rules are based on the Equestrian Federation of Australia dressage rules and procedures. Use common sense when riding. It is
    important for these rules to be adhered to in group riding for your safety and the safety of others. Please contact the Centre Manager for more information if you do not
    understand any of the terms used.

    Arena Etiquette
    • Left shoulder to Left Shoulder: Riders should try to ride in the same direction. If this isn’t possible then the left shoulder to left shoulder rule should apply.
    • The more progressive gait has priority on track: In order of priority lateral, canter, trot and walk. Halt should not be on the track.
    • Slow on the Inside, Fast on the Outside: The slower gait to take the inside track and give way to the faster gait on the outside tack.
    • Circle yields to track: Rider doing circles should decrease their circle size to allow the horse on the track to pass.
    • Announce your intentions: Tell other riders what you plan to do such as “leaving arena”, “entering arena”.
    • No Lunging: No lunging while riding.
    • Mount Out of the Way: Mount and dismount in the center, not on the track.
    • Work Together: Users should be doing similar things, if at all possible.
    • Cue Quietly
    • Horse’s Behaviour: It may be necessary if your horse is upsetting others, to remove it from the area
    • Try Not to Interrupt Lessons: If you must ride during a lesson try to be unobtrusive.
    • Sharing Arena with a Lesson: If you are sharing the ring with others who are in a riding lesson, allow the lesson riders right of way.
    • Follow Posted Rules (if any).
    • Clean Up: Clean up the arena after use. Clear out manure, put away jumps, trotting poles or pylons. Leave it the way you found it or better.

    Arena Safety
    • Keep A Horse Length Between: keep at least a horse length between you and the horse in front of you. Also when there are riders working on both the inside and outside track, leave enough passing room.
    • All Horses Under Control: There should be no loose horses in the arena while others are riding.
    • Don’t Allow Escapes: Keep all doors or gates closed.
    • Be Aware: Be respectful if another is having problems with a horse, is riding a young horse, or is a beginner or timid rider.
    • Give Right of Way: Be generous giving right of way even it if it is not technically the correct right of way.
    • Don’t Get in the Way: Spectators should stand outside the arena, not along side the track.
    • In an Emergency Get Off: If a rider falls off and or a horse gets loose, all riders should dismount.
    • In Case of Emergency: Know where the nearest phone and first aid kit are.

    General Safety
    • Don’t Ride Alone.
    • Don’t Get Caught in the Dark
    • Only Tie Horses to Balling Twine
    • No Doubleing Outside of Arena or Roundyard
    • Horses to be Saddled when Ridden
    • No Mounting or Riding in Car Park Area

    All participants have a duty to report any accidents or incidents no matter how trivial as soon as possible to the Centre Manager or Staff. This may require an Incident
    Report to be completed.

    No businesses are permitted to operate and no participant will give riding instruction or provide livery services for payment within Odyssean without written approval and accreditation from Odyssean.



    An Agistment Application Form must be completed for each horse to be agisted at Odyssean and is not transferable.

    Fees and Bond
    All fees are payable within 14 days of invoice date. A bond equivalent to two weeks agistment fee per application is required prior to commencement. The bond will be refunded following satisfactory inspection when agistment ceases or deducted to recover any outstanding fees or costs.

    Odyssean has current public liability insurance coverage for equine related activities through Elders Insurance. Odyssean does not accept any liability or provide any insurance with respect to the participant and/or horses. Participants must obtain their own appropriate insurances for personal accident and third party property.

    Impounding of Livestock Act 1994 and Property Securities Act 2009
    The Agistment Agreement is subject to the terms of Both the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 and the Impounding of Livestock Act 1994. It is the absolute discretion of Odyssean Pty Ltd as to the application of these Acts.


    Abandonment of horse/s or property at Odyssean will be dealt with pursuant to the terms of The Impound of Livestock Act 1994 will result in the participant being notified to remove their horse and/or property within 14 days from the notice date. If the horse and/or property is not removed within a period of 14 days from the date of notice, all right, title and ownership in the horse and/or property will pass to Odyssean Centre without further notice.

    Termination of Agistment Agreement Odyssean, the participant will have 14 days from when the notice is given to vacate the Centre. During that time, the participant is not permitted to ride on Odyssean.

    Failure to comply fully with the terms of this Code of Conduct and Regulations shall constitute a default and you will be served a Default notice pursuant to section 24F of the Impound of Livestock Act 1994.

    Failure to rectify said default within 14 days shall be deemed an essential breach of these Code of Conduct and Regulations upon which Odyssean may in it’s absolute discretion terminate the Agistment Agreement.

    No act or omission by Odyssean shall constitute a waiver of its rights to terminate.



    Parent / Guardian (if applicable)

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