Bobeche Beach House Candle 200g


The Beach House candle is a frosted white striped, hand moulded luxury vessel fragranced with a unique blend of scents to evoke those happy beachside memories of glistening water and cool ocean breezes.

This feature centrepiece candle has been designed to help calm and renew, to bring a relaxed breeze into a beautiful home.

Top Notes: Orange Bergamot

Middle Notes: Apple Violet

Base Notes: Lavender Rosewood

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All BOBÈCHE Candles are made from 100% clean soy wax, a natural renewable resource which burns with zero petro soot. A maximum fragrance load ensures your candle will not only light up your room with romantic ambiance but also with scent.

See base of candle for safety information.

The Beach House Small single wick candle measures 72mm wide x 74mm high and weighs 200g with a clean burn time of 40 hours.


The Beach House candle also comes in 2 other sizes – the 380g and the 950g

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Candle 200g

Candle 200g



Candle 380g

Candle 380g

Candle 950g

Candle 950g